Off to NY to perform at lWlVl Festival on Aug 22-23 2014 - A 2 day event with performances by Covox, Meneo, Nullsleep, Bit Shifter , IAYD, MonsterVision, Slime Girls, Arcade High, Meishi Smile, Bubblyfish, L-Tron, Paza, Shirobon. Pretty incredible line-up!

More info at the lwlvl site. And get your tickets here.
Happy to be coming back to Australia for Square Sounds Melbourne- Feb 15 & 16th. Don't miss out, other performances by: A_Art, Aliceffekt, Cheapshot Chronic Sans, cTrix, Doshy ELLIOT, HUF, Hunz iLKke, Jayson Haebich, m7kenji Minikomi, Mr. Spastic, Omodaka Other Places, Pselodux, Ralp, and starPause ... More info
Saturday, April 14th, 2012
7:00pm at PhilaMOCA - all ages

$7-10 (sliding scale)

Music by: Visuals by Visualicious (NYC)

For all the info, check out
Live performance Thursday, March 8th at Mighty in SF! Celebrate EFF's 22nd birthday with live performances by: Visit EFF's page for more information.