Just letting you know I'm still here and appreciate the comments. Change is in the air and I'll be releasing something new soon enough I promise. In the meantime there are a few tracks from 2014 over here

Performing this weekend in Philly at the 8Static Festival 2014!

Thursday, October 16th - Saturday, October 18th, 2014

With Music performances by crashfaster, minusbaby, revengineers, Virt, Radlib, Auxcide, Dauragon, Thorazine Unicorn, Void Vision, NOTE!, boaconstructor, Aliceffekt, Saint, Kris Keyser, Cheap Dinosaurs, SSD Engage, Solarbear, Danimal Cannon, defiantsystems, AndaruGO, Chipocrite, Snesei, TREY FREY

And Visuals by Pixelseed, Party Time! Hexcellent!, Batsly Adams, animal style, SBthree, Vaporstack

More info at https://www.facebook.com/events/1577248365835393

Off to NY to perform at lWlVl Festival on Aug 22-23 2014 - A 2 day event with performances by Covox, Meneo, Nullsleep, Bit Shifter , IAYD, MonsterVision, Slime Girls, Arcade High, Meishi Smile, Bubblyfish, L-Tron, Paza, Shirobon. Pretty incredible line-up!

More info at the lwlvl site. And get your tickets here.
Happy to be coming back to Australia for Square Sounds Melbourne- Feb 15 & 16th. Don't miss out, other performances by: A_Art, Aliceffekt, Cheapshot Chronic Sans, cTrix, Doshy ELLIOT, HUF, Hunz iLKke, Jayson Haebich, m7kenji Minikomi, Mr. Spastic, Omodaka Other Places, Pselodux, Ralp, and starPause ... More info