MIDI Song Pack

Updated: Jan 1, 2004

im bringn' back mid files by unpopular demand!

These songs are a test of a concept I had. They are in the standard mid file format, basically every computer will sound a bit different. but its open source, works on linux, and fun as hell. :)

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Feb 3, 2007 11:56am

Helllooo, new ringtones.

Feb 3, 2007 2:15pm

Well thank you for the midi i never think there is still people using such format still in this day and age

Feb 28, 2007 10:46am

I've been using Our Love Isn't as alarm signal on my cell phone since you released it three years ago, I wake up to it every morning :)

Mar 23, 2007 10:06am

midi is not open source, dammit! (at least what I've heard)

Mar 23, 2007 2:44pm

meaning you can open those midi files in any midi-capable sequencer and see how i created the tracks. :)

Sep 25, 2007 8:06pm

In going through your various pieces, I see how you improved both the composition and production technique. As you cited Covox as one of your fellow artists (or influence), I checked out the songs posted on his site - they don't compare. Your music contains nuances that I pick up each time I listen to them. Given the lack of recent activity (your music output seems to have dropped off a few years ago), I'm also trying to find similar artists. Any recommendations (post them on your site so everyone can share). Most of what I find is either simple and repetitive - none seem to match what I've found in your work.

As I'm also working with Reaktor 5 (and other NI products), I had downloaded your Caterpillar ensemble. Very creative although many of the functions have been incorporated into NI or other software that reduce the need to work with custom software. Given what was available at the time, I was impressed by what you had designed and implemented.

If you have produced a CD, I'd be glad to purchase it so that I could receive a higher quality version of your music.

Until recently, I lived in San Francisco. You may want to see if you can book a performance at Recombinant Media Labs (763 Brannan St.). I attended the Kore release that they hosted and receive regular notices of artists that they are presenting. Small venue but it may reach the type of audience you're looking for. I'd be glad to host you, but I recently relocated to the Midwest for work (yeah it sucks but I'll get back to SF). I've put in a sample extract from one of their events so you get an idea of what I'm talking about (see below).

Found your "Art Sucks" piece to be very clever. I've played with the different color palettes. I realize that the piece is simple, but I'm making color selections for where people live and your piece gave me ideas.

I'd also be curious about what other tools you use (obviously NI) to produce your music. In your Oscilator interview you stated an intent to continue using the Game Boy as a front-end. While the constraints of a sonnet form result in higher creativity (so goes the theory), I'd be curious to what you could do with the full NI suite and some other tools at your disposal.

Have you considered getting your music onto NPR - it may be an audience that would be receptive to new music. Some airtime might create that audience that your looking for.

Anyway, thanks for posting your music and allowing me to download it. I've really enjoyed listening to it and telling others about it.

eMail: anyoneusa01(at)yahoo
Sample Event at RML
Alvin Curran

new solo work:
TransDadaExpress / Extraordinary Renderings
and Two Flukes with Cenk Ergun

assisted by Tana Sprague

Computer, Midi Keyboard and over 3000 sampled sounds of everything and everybody

Tickets and more info at recombinantmedia(dot)net/events or call 650 255 8947

Alvin Curran makes music, with all means, anywhere and for any occasion. From rarefied string quartets to blaring ship horn concerts to Holocaust memorial installations; from Midi-Grands to computerized ram's horns - these are his natural laboratories. At Recombinant Media Labs he will bring out an audio tour de force consisting of a massive electronic sampling network and two collaborators, Cenk Ergun and Tana Sprague. For those into the spectrum of wild style audio experiences from articulated textures to all out onslaughts of noise, pulse and dynamic intensities, this promises to be a remarkable evening!

Nov 24, 2007 4:56pm

crap.. cant play them in evil player and winamp sucks...

amazing tracks anyways. i really like "your pleasure my pain"

Apr 14, 2009 7:35pm

2009 and I'm still diggin all these tunes. sounds awesome on my computer.

May 28, 2009 4:41pm

Top draw.
At Teh Disco is amazing. It had me shooting off to classic games console sites that archive the midi tracks from them. Might have a little rumble, got my hands on Reason so might see what I can do with it in there.

Jun 25, 2009 4:27am

Just found this site, loving the Amiga/Konami similarities (one I was just listening to reminds me of Uridium 2 - awesome music).

Please keep making music! Rest/Repeat is brilliant!

Aug 10, 2014 8:51am

Hello world. Use Foobar2000 with a MIDI decoder plugin and WeedsGM3 soundfont.

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