Hologram EP

Hologram EP

Updated: Jan 1, 2004

8BitPeoples Release #37

The debut release from Trash80 is a chip-wave dance thriller filled with party-rocking beats and gameboy bleeps.

Featuring vocal mayhem by Jemgirl, these tunes will have you jumping up and down, pumping your fist and wishing for the future to get here quicker ... or is it, for the past to come back forever? You know this feeling, its the feeling you got when you looked at those chips and bits when you were just a kid and thought you were living in the future.

Well this is what yesterdays future sounds like.


Mar 18, 2007 4:24pm

What are the lyrics?

Your Mom
Apr 3, 2007 8:36pm

Yeah I'd like to know the lyrics too

Admiral Potato
Jun 20, 2007 10:23am

I love how yesterday's future sounded.
This is exaclty where we needed to make a 90 degree turn back in the 80s.
If we had, we'd have flying cars and hoverboards by now.

Holographic advertisements hopping out at you from store windows, even.

This is my absolute favorite 8-bit album of all time.
Thank you so much for creating it!

Jul 24, 2007 5:26pm

i agree with Admiral Potato.. this is still my favourite release from 8bit peoples. it totally rocks! i do wish it was at a higher bitrate, tho.. this type of music kind of suffers from 128kbps mp3 encoding. but great work still!

Aug 7, 2007 12:43am

An album worthy of buttsechs.

I bet you love me for leaving a comment like that ay?

You sell this stuff or what?

Aug 19, 2007 3:01pm

Amazing stuff, most original album I have heard in years! I just finished downloading everything by 8bit that I could find ;p keep it up I need more lol

Oct 16, 2007 9:03am

I love this album best 8 bit Album ever

Apr 24, 2008 7:24am

An absolutely brilliant album; a masterpiece!

May 5, 2008 3:26pm

I would have paid for this album. It's THAT good.

Sep 4, 2008 3:48am

This EP is _lovely_, thanks for it!

Oct 20, 2008 9:08am

I loved my TRS-80 but I'm having an affair with Trash80

Mar 17, 2009 10:56pm

Just curious, how do you actually download the songs? or do you have to buy them in some way? my emails speedblitz@gmail if anyone wants to get back to me.

May 28, 2009 5:04pm

Um, right click the download buttn then select save as...sheesh...I know we are re-living the 80's, but you don't need to pretend you are from the 80's :P

Mar 29, 2010 5:29am

Great album and great female vocals... Record a LP with this girl - you sound EPIC together and yea.. I would also pay for this album :)

Aug 4, 2015 2:51pm

ahead of its time ?

Jan 26, 2016 12:14pm

It's as good as it was a decade ago. Or three.

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